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Starting Fresh

Had to deal with a hard drive crash and unfortunately rebuilding my entire computer piece by piece to try to figure out where the problem came from. That took a while.

What this meant though, was that I lost the entirety of the manuscript for the new City of Angels novel I was working on. I have an earlier version saved to one-drive, but so much changed from that version to the one I was working on, that all it's good for is being used as a reference. That's it.

So, I'm having to start completely over with the story. I'm trying to look on the bright side though. Starting over fresh when I've already had so much done, means that I can tweak the ideas and plot elements to make it all better. After all, I have a habit of starting over fresh and rewriting everything early on anyway and that's always had a good outcome. I'm just not used to ever having done it so late in the writing process before.

I had almost 90k words down, and now i'm sitting at just below or over 9-10k right now. Not sure which one it is. It's a pretty big setback, but I'm relatively certain I'll be able to recover from this and that it will turn out better than it was before. That's the hope anyways.

I've already managed to shift the opening chapters enough that the story if flowing quite a bit faster than it was previously. Some of the ideas and plot elements from those now long gone chapters will invariably be incorporated into later chapters, so I'm not overly worried about how things are turning out.

I can take the best elements of what I had written before the crash, and just not write the parts I was a little shaky on. All mixed in with new ideas and other things I've had rolling around in my head this whole time.

Silver lining.

In the end, SUNDOWN will get finished, and it will be better than it was before. that's the hope, and that's the goal. Can't let the loss of that much work get you down. At least not for too long. Gotta keep going. Gotta keep writing. That's what matters. That's whats important.


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