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Rewrites and Chapter 10

I'm finding that I really like Scrivener. I usually do all my writing in OpenOffice, and it's worked pretty well for me so far. What i'm finding though, is that Scrivener is making everything so much easier for me to deal with. I can plot everything out, and concentrate on a single scene within a chapter without having to worry about everything else around it. It really saves a lot of time.

Which, is really helpful considering I just did a pretty big rewrite of everything already. Amazingly, in spite of the weeks it took me to write the first 9 chapters in the first place, the rewrite only took a couple of days. Part of that is because I already knew what I wanted, and part of it was how much easier everything was with the new program. And I can label everything so I know exactly where which character does what. Real time saver.

So now I've just finished chapter 10. For the first draft anyways. It'll probably be changed and revised down the road quite a few times, but for now its good to go. I got Heaven where she needed to be to talk to who she needed to talk to and now things can move forward at a quicker pace.

She's still grumpy about what I did to her in previous chapters, but she'll get over it. Besides, its a good learning experience for her and she's actually growing as a character and that's important. There are a lot of things going on in her life and she's just going to have to learn to deal with it all while I throw things are her at the same time.

Not sure what I'm going to do with Kore in this story though. So far she hasn't made an appearance, which is fine for now. I've actually got plans for her for the future, just not sure if she is going to take part in what's going on now or not. Besides, she's still sulking. it gives Heaven some good moments to think about with her being absent, but don't want to really drag that out with how important she is to Heaven.

Plus, I did get the chance to remind the girl, that while Seraph may be a sarcastic, self-indulgent debauched lecher, he's still a vampire. And a pretty powerful one at that. He may not seem like it most times, but he's a pretty dangerous guy when he bothers to be.

Granted it wasn't Heaven's fault really that he got that way, but she was there and did sort of peripherally cause it. Good wake up call for her to keep her from getting to comfortable. She knows what vampires can do. Flavius may not be like that, but he does have his own moments. Other vampires don't have the same moral convictions he has.

All in all, it's going good so far. Just gotta keep at it.

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