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Progress (finally)

It's been a while since I updated this with anything at all. Most of that is because my writing has been slowed to a crawl, and then an outright stop several times. I keep running into these seemingly insurmountable blocks that I can't seem to overcome.

I've tried setting the story for book four of the City of Angels series aside, and starting on another project (several times in fact) but that hasn't gotten me anywhere.

At this point I've started an entirely new series in a different world concentrating on a single werewolf pack, that one barely got past the first three chapters before I just froze on it. I literally just kept staring at the screen completely lost. Well when I wasn't writing something down and then deleting and starting over again and again.

Then I tried kind of a prequel type series opener. Same world as the City of Angels, but set about 150 years earlier at the very start of the Supernatural Emergence in the United States. Got pretty far on that one before that story locked me down too. Had everything all planned out and everything, and I couldn't get past the block.

Attempt number three was a story I've been kinda working on off and on for a while. Supernatural based but more magic and demonology related. Not sure if its going to be its own world or part of the same as my other books yet. It can go and fit in either way very easily. But even that one got me blocked. I'm thinking that one just isn't ready yet. I'll keep in on the back burner even if I abandon the other two, mainly because I've actually put a whole lot into the story over the years that I've been working on the world my stories take place in.

The fourth story, well this one is actually going pretty well. It's a new series with a new character that's set in the same world, just on the other side of the coin. I think the reason why this one is actually going so well (as of this writing I'm starting on chapter 11) is because its so different, while being so similar at the same time.

Heaven and Flavius' story so far (Nightwalker, Cherubim, Nemesis) takes place as supernaturals within the supernatural world and everything that entails. The politics, the interplay between the various groups that make Los Angeles and southern California their home. This new setting however, while touching on all of that, and as of this moment including at least one character from City of Angels, deals with more the human/law enforcement perspective when it comes to the supernatural. More crime scene related sorts of stories.

It's actually writing itself pretty easily, while at the same time causing me another headache because the main character in this story was supposed to be introduced to Heaven and Flavius in their next book. Now That's going to have to be completely overhauled when I am able to go back and continue on with book 4.

No regrets though. If I do this right, I can see this working out to my advantage in the long-run. That's what I'm hoping anyways. I know doing two series at the same time is relatively difficult to pull off, but being in the same world and semi-interacting with each other, both sides having consequences for the other, I think it'll end up benefiting the overall story and my writing in general. Who knows.

Looks good so far though.

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