• R Lee Moore


Well, in addition to getting my new website all set up, I think I finally managed to catch up on the writing of book number 4 and getting it all set up in Scrivener. Took me a little while, but I think it's going to be worth it in the end. Now all I gotta do is continue on with what I've gotten so far and it'll all be good.

I do feel a little bad for Heaven though. I dangled something she wanted in front of her, got her all the way there, then snatched it away and got her into a fight. She actually did pretty good for herself this time. All that time running around with Yasmine in Nemesis really paid off I think. But she's got a few more challenges she's gotta work herself through this time around.

I may go a bit light on her in this story, as it's somewhat focused on another character, but she'll still get into it I think. Probably be wanting to claw peoples eyes out by the end of it but I think she'll be fine.

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