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Kiss Me Deadly

Supernatural Affairs #1


After six years in the Department of Supernatural Affairs' Strike Teams, Sergeant Tamina Martinez just got a promotion and a one way transfer to the Los Angeles Supernatural Investigations Division against her will. Now she's stuck with a partner she doesn't want, in an unfamiliar environment hostile to her very presence.

Tasked with investigating crimes with a supernatural element that no one else in the Department wants or even seems to care about, Tamina soon finds herself hunting the maneater leaving the half-eaten bodies of its victims all over the city.

Tamina Martinez is determined to bring those responsible to justice and put them down for good. Even if that means going alone into sovereign vampire territory, or reconnecting with a Sicilian werewolf from her past who isn't content staying in the past.

She'll hunt them down, and kill them. No matter what it takes, no matter who gets in her way. Rules be damned.

Nemesis by R. Lee Moore is an amazing story to read. This is book number three in this amazing series and I can not wait to read more from this amazing author. I highly recommend this story to everyone who loves reading about shifters and paranormal romance.

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